Benefits of regular exercising

Engaging in physical exercise on a regular basis can lead to a range of health benefits. On the other hand, lack of or no exercise can lead to sleep deprivation, unhealthy skin, and even deteriorating mental health. While everyone understands the correlation between exercise and wellness, not everyone takes the plunge to actually start changing their lives for the better.

Exercise More – Sleep Better

A number of studies have revealed that an estimate of 50 to 70 million Americans don’t get enough sleep. The various sleep disorders can bring about a range of side effects and none of these are pleasant and should be tolerated. One certain way of improving the quality and duration of your sleep is exercise. It has been proven time and again that a physically active lifestyle comes with plenty of health benefits that offset the negative effects of the sedentary lifestyle.

Few Pushups a Day Keep The Doctor Away

A recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health reveals that men who are able to do 40 pushups have a 96% less risk of developing some kind of a heart disorder. Even though the study was performed on men in their 40’s and it involves pushups, it brings us to a single conclusion: exercise is good!

Now let’s consider the correlation between sleep and the heart’s health. Numerous studies have confirmed that lack of sleep can damage the heart and can lead to cardiovascular disease. Needless to say, physical activity is one of the pillars of your health. Lack of it can affect the quality of your sleep so it is important to mitigate any previous conditions by exercising more and getting a better night’s sleep.

Runner’s High Is Not a Myth

Being physically active also can help fight the blues. A study which involved 34,000 people in Norway found that performing meaningful physical exercise just one hour per week can significantly reduce the likelihood of depression and bring down levels of anxiety.

But even if you don’t suffer from any of these conditions, imagine how much better you can feel from simply being in a good mood. One of the keys to that? Exercise! Researchers at the University of Connecticut have found that even light exercise can give your spirits a boost and a sense of feeling good.

Cosmetics Are Not The Only Solution For A Healthy Skin

There are many other benefits from exercising regularly. The skin becomes healthier when the body sweats out the toxins and unnecessary matter that gets naturally accumulated from food, beverage, body lotions, deodorants and so on. Also, exercise can reduce wrinkles and droopy skin which is inevitable with aging, simply because our body being in motion makes the skin tighter. 

Hard Work Pays 

If you need to start exercising and are looking for more proof, there is no end to it. You have to depart from your comfort zone and start with simple physical exercise each day, like stretching your arms or touching your toes and then moving on to more engaging stuff. I you are exercising but you want to do more, just go for it. As everyone knows, there is no easy way of doing it – it requires work, dedication and repetition, but the benefits of living a healthy life are worth every drop of sweat.